5 Expert tips to get Glowing Skin for Karva Chauth

This festive season, make your husband surprise with your glowing skin.  Karva Chauth is one of the most important festivals for any Indian wife, one of the most auspicious festivals for a married woman.

As per myth, of pure love of a wife for her husband for their good health and well being.

Here, Sanctus is going to expose the best 5 beauty products for this Karva Chauth to impress your husband with glowing skin.

Sanctus D-Tan Scrub:

Start with Sanctus D-Tan Scrub, Gently massage your skin with a natural gel in concentric circles to remove the dead cells without harming the sensitive skin underneath. Once all the dead cells and dirt deposits are cleared away, your skin will look fresh and natural again. It will look healthy, youthful and full of vitality. Then, any moisturizing or anti-aging products that you apply will get absorbed properly. Sanctus D-Tan Tan Removal Fairness Scrub brings you the power of natural world, as its contains scientifically extracted actives – Alpha Arbutin, Kojic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Milk & Honey besides various nourishing oils such as Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, among others that help to reduce and remove the skin tan.

Sanctus Charcoal Peel off Mask:

Once you have done with D-tanning removing Scrub, peel off mask plays the role of a magnet or glue which pulls out all the impurities and dead skin cells from your skin. It is also effective in removing blackheads and other impurities and even baby facial hair. With Sanctus Charcoal Peel off Mask, Charcoal is a black ingredient that works miraculously in sucking out the toxins from your body. When used in a peel-off mask, activated charcoal binds with and pulls dirt, sebum, and toxins out. Charcoal can also be consumed in specific forms to flush toxins from your body.

Sanctus Anti Acne Cream:

Acne or the acne Bulgaria is a skin disease in the hair follicles of the face, back and chest of both genders during their teenage year’s stage. Acne is not caused by bacteria, even though bacteria have a role in its growth. It is not bizarre for some women to have acne during their mid- to late-20s. Sanctus Anti Acne Cream quickens the recuperating of skin break out related sores and scars. Additionally, this cream has antimicrobial, calming, wound-mending, cell reinforcement, which acts synergistic-ally in the administration of Skin break out.

Sanctus C3 Face Pack:

Most important step for glowing skin, after Tan Removal and Peel off Mask, it’s time to make pores to close and tighten the skin, with Sanctus C3 Face Pack, C3- an amalgamation of Coffee, Clay and Charcoal with essential minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium & Potassium to stimulate blood circulation, thereby making your skin look more radiant than ever. This face pack helps to enhance Blood Circulation helps to prevent Acne and helps Tighten the skin. Additionally, charcoal works as a dirt magnet and extracts the dirt from the deep pores.

Sanctus Skin Whitening & Cell Repair Cream:

This Whitening cream is one of the Top Skin Whitening cream for better and faster result. Containing SPF 30+ Sun Security , the cream offers UV assurance to keep Sunlight away.With white Bio-active Formula, it helps to provide even skin tone, reduce dim spots and visibly brighten without diminishing skin.

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