SANCTUS Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit For Women (Underarm Whitening Cream – 100gm & Underarm Exfoliator – 100gm)

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Black underarms and the treatment of Black underarms has been a menace since long now. This has been affecting all those who are fashion conscious, colour conscious and also those who like to maintain perfect cleanliness. If we look at it largely, we will be a part of any of these above set of people.

So, its important to understand that what could be the reasons for Blackened Underarms :

  •  Excessive use of Deodrants
  •  Non-maintenance of hygiene
  • Excessive sweating
  •  Sweat retention for long hours
  • Shaving

As a result of any of the above cases, the pores in the underarm area get blocked and thereby cause the Black decolouration. Also, we should be clear here that having black underarms is not an illness and in most cases not a cause of worry, but the damage it may do to someone’s confidence and self-esteem may be huge. Having black underarms may prevent you from wearing your favourite cut-sleeves top or going out for a swim on a hot summer day!

Sanctus here has come up with an Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit – Underarm Whitening & Sweat Reduction Cream for Women and Sanctus Men Underarm and Intimate area Whitening Cream for Men. Along with these cream an underarm exfoliator is provided which is the first step towards underarm whitening followed by the application of the respective creams for Men & Women.

Underarm Exfoliator plays a vital role in as it removes the dead layer on the skin and enables deeper absorption of the Underarm Whitening Cream. Otherwise, the cream would just be applied on the dead cell layer and will not give adequate results. The exfoliator is specially formulated for sensitive underarm skin and has the most optimum amount of scrubber as is required for exfoliation in that area. It is a blend of Lactic Acid,Allantoin, Olive oil and mild scrubber, to name a few.

Once the Outer most dead layer is exfoliated(or removed), comes the role of Underarm Whitening & Sweat Reduction cream from the house of SANCTUS. The cream is a highly effective cream comprising of Alpha Arbutin, Liquorice, Kojic Dipalmitate, mulberry Extract amongst many other essential oils and herb extracts. This cream when applied on the underarm skin after proper exfoliation twice a day, yields results which are not only miraculous but also long lasting.

  • It controls the secretion of Melanin, which when retained in the skin makes the skin look black.
  • The cream is proficient in controlling the sweat to a great level.
  • Since use of Deodrants is a known cause of Black underarms, the cream is equipped with deodorisers which control the bad smell emanating from the sweat.
  • Exfoliation is the most important part in the Underarm whitening Treatment. Use the exfoliator every alternate day for better results.

The usage: thoroughly clean the underarm area and every alternate day exfoliate your underarms. After proper cleansing, pat dry the area properly and gently massage the Underarm Whitening into the underarms till it is properly absorbed. Apply the cream twice a day.  Voila, and the treatment is done! Just repeat these steps for atleast 40-45 days for the effective results.


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