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Our commitment to your radiant beauty is embodied in our brand, and we proudly introduce “Glow Everyday.” Discover the secret to luminous, healthy skin that transcends time. Our expertly crafted products, enriched with natural ingredients, will empower you to embrace a flawless, glowing complexion every day. Experience the magic of Sanctus and unveil the best version of yourself. Join us in this journey to “Glow Everyday” with confidence and grace.

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Sanctus was founded in the year 2017 with only 3 products in the kitty – The Underarm Whitening & Sweat Reduction Cream, The Anti-acne cream and the Age defy night Cream. The brand was focused in its approach and hadd crafted formulations which were to the point. Each product catered to a niche problem and provided very targeted solutions.


Over the last couple of years, with the help of the confidence bestowed by our customers, we have been dwelling alot into R&D. As a result of the expert formulaes and the extensive market research – we have addressed to more prevalent and pragmatic problems related to skincare & Personal hygiene. 

These issues needed privacy and more than that it needed awareness. We have matured ourself to be able to talk about Intimate Hygiene, Intimate Whitening for both Men & Women among many other such persistent complexes amongst the individuals in modern times.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Underarms is a typical issue among all age gatherings and is totally ordinary. The dark underarms among men can be relieved with the underarm and cozy region brightening cream for men. The cream functions admirably for the hard male skin and assists with eliminating the dim spots from the underarms. The cream is non-tacky and leaves no stains – that makes it fairly simple to be utilized while leaving going out too.

The underarm cream should be applied double consistently on the spotless armpits consistently. Cleanliness is a significant part of underarm brightening. The cleaning of underarms ought to be intensive and hair ought to be routinely eliminated. With standard use, the armpits become delicate and liberated from dull spots. The cream is non-slick and leaves no stains.

The intimate serum is a non-slick, non-tacky and medicinal ointment improved serum that assists with keeping the skin liberated from dull spots and normally ease up the skin.

Sanctus acne cream to skin inflammation cream is a neighborhood application cream that ought to be applied to the skin break out. The cream sucks out the abundance of oil and sebum from the skin break out and straightens it. Kindly note, the cream is certifiably not a preventive cream but a therapeutic cream. The cream can’t handle the event of skin break out and rather assists with reestablishing the typical skin surface.

Indeed, It is a typical issue with a greater part of individuals that makes their elbow and knees complexion more obscure than the remainder of the body. Dull elbows aren’t a skin illness but rather a skin condition that can without much of a stretch be treated with fixing rich creams.

No. Cleanser is consistently an extra advance to the face wash. The cleanser eliminates the oil and soil saved on the furthest layer of the skin. The profound purging of the pores is conceivable just with the assistance of a decent fixings-based face wash.

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