Non-sticky Nourishing Leave-On HAIR CREAM (Intense Nutrients Infused Formula – Control Hair Fall, Hair Greying & Dandruff)


Hair styling is the latest fad. The styling at times comes at the cost of damaging your hair with strong chemicals. Sanctus Nourishing Hair Cream is a nutrient rich non-sticky formula consisting of Argan Oil,sunflower oil, neem extracts etc, which help in maintaining the style yet retain the hair health.

Directions for Use:

Apply the Sanctus Hair Cream on the damp hair. The cream doesn’t need to be washed off and helps in maintaining the hair style. The cream has no side effects and can be allowed to stay in the hair for a long time.

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Sanctus Hair Cream is meant for intelligent men. Men who want to look stylish yet maintain the hair health. Hair styling is an integral part of male grooming and for most men is unavoidable.

Keeping the health aspect in consideration, Sanctus formulated the hair cream which serves the dual purpose of styling and simultaneosly infusing the hair with the intense nourishment. The major nutrients in the hair cream are shikakai, argan oil, sunflower oil, hibiscus extract, neem extract, aloevera extract, climbazole, Reetha, Priyangu etc. These ingredients individually are capable of maintaining the hair strength. And, in some cases even repair the damaged hair. As a result, we now have a solution to the extensive hairfall due to chemicals being used on scalp.

The cream is non- sticky with the perfect strength to hold up your favourite hair style for atleast 4-5 hours after application. Particularly important is the ease of application, where we do not require the cream to be washed off. The longer the cream remains in your hair- the better it is. And, the results is soft and fresh looking hair till you next wash.

How to Use: Apply the cream on the wet scalp after shampooing your hair. Make sure to apply thoroughly on roots as well while covering the full length of hair. Gently comb your hair. The cream is a Leave-On non-sticky cream. So, just apply it-comb your hair – and you are good to go!

Finally we have a solution to the tedious spa creams and harmful styling gels.Hence, Minimize your salon visits and increase your hair health.

This cream is strictly for people who are stylish yet conscious about the side effects of the hair gels or styling creams. Sanctus Hair cream for the smart and Intelligent MEN!




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