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Dry Skin – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Sanctus
Dry Skin - Symptoms, Causes, and Its Treatment

Dry Skin – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Sanctus

A very common problem in winter is dry skin. Rough, flaky skin does not look very appealing from the outside. The appearance and feel of dry skin are not very desirable. Moreover, itching and cracking look really awful and quite uncomfortable in any season, especially in Winter.
Many people have naturally dry skin and many suffer from dry skin during seasonal change. It occurs when the skin lacks the necessary amounts of water or naturally produced oils cannot sustain its own health and stay soft and supple.
It’s not a new problem. Let’s understand dry skin problems better. In this article, we are going to elaborately discuss the causes symptoms, and treatments of this dry skin problem.

What do you understand by dry skin?

The term dry skin or Xerosis Cutis refers to a condition where the skin on the limbs, belly, face, leg, hand, and scalp becomes dry, itchy, and reddish. The reason for this condition could be environmental causes or other factors for example-genetic factor.
Scales (flakes) and apparent skin fissures (cracks) are the typical symptoms of dry skin. Skin illnesses can develop as a result of extremely dry skin conditions. Dry skin is most prevalent in adults and teenagers and is brought on by a variety of circumstances.

What are the Causes of dry skin?

If you the causes of any problem, cure and prevention become easy. A variety of factors can bring dryness to your skin. Let’s have a look-

  • Seasonal changes, particularly in the winter, cause the skin to become chapped and peeling. This happens because there is a substantial temperature difference between the warm body fluids inside and the cold air outside, which results in a significant loss of moisture from the body. In severe cases, skin inflammation and irritation follow dry skin.
  • Excessive skin cleansing or scrubbing can harm the keratin layer, resulting in dry skin.
  • Cellular fluids are depleted as a result of insufficient water consumption. Dehydration results from this, which results in dry skin.
    • Some viral illnesses that cause fever and the flu might leave you with dry skin because they cause your body to lose water.
  • Unprotected exposure to UV radiation from the sun can cause unusually dry skin. Dry skin can result from exposing the skin to artificially dry air (from hair dryers).
  • The skin can be damaged and become permanently dry with frequent use of harsh soaps that lack moisture. Hot showers or steam baths can dehydrate the skin and lead to skin disorders including dry skin.
  • Dry skin can be a result of hormonal changes in women’s bodies, particularly those that occur after menopause (due to a reduced level of estrogen hormone in the body)
  • Skin-drying substances included in cosmetics or tattoo inks

Other than these causes, genetics play a crucial role. Dry skin people are blessed with this problem since birth. Almost 43% of people have dry skin in India. As they grow older, dryness gradually increases. But if they take good care of it, dryness can be reversed.


How to find out that you have dryness? There is no tool or instrument to find it out. But it shows numerous symptoms to alarm you.
Dry skin is frequently transient or seasonal. The signs and symptoms of dry skin might change depending on your age, health, and skin tone. The atmosphere at home and sun exposure also affect it.

  • Tightening of skin. Especially foot and hand.
  • Rough-feeling and patchy-looking skin
  • Constant feeling of Itchiness
  •  Lines in the skin.
  • Skin prone to light to severe flaking. The skin can become dry brown or black skin. Ultimately it will give an ashy appearance.
  • Scaling or peeling of the skin. It can be severe.
  • Cracks in the leg and foot.
    These are some common symptoms. But serious symptoms can be seen in the worst-case scenario. Those are-
  • Small or medium fractures on the skin.
  • Skin that varies from greyish on brown and black skin to reddish on white skin.
  • Deep cracks or fissures can cause hemorrhage.


Prevention is always better than cure, we hope you must have heard this proverb. But when things are a bit out of your control, the cure is your best friend. In the case of dryness scrubs, moisturizers and dry skin-friendly serums are your best friend.
Hydration and moisturization are the two key processes that can only give soft, supple, and dryness-free skin. Some people with oily skin tend to ignore applying moisturization which is a completely wrong notion. Skin dryness can come to oily, sensitive, and normal skin people. Moisturize all over your every day to avoid flakiness in the skin.
To treat dry skin, the AAD advises applying a lotion or ointment continuously throughout the day. Lotions typically aren’t as effective as cream and ointments. Before buying products always check the presence of any of these ingredients- Jojoba oil, Vitamins, dimethicone, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, petrolatum, and cocoa butter.
When a person stops taking the prescription that is causing the adverse effect, the dry skin typically goes away as well. People shouldn’t, however, quit taking prescription medications without first talking to their doctor.
Our brand, Sanctus comes with amazing dryness-curing products that can reduce dryness in the skin in no time.

Scrubbing is very important to get rid of dead dry skin flakes. It is homemade foot scrub. Your feet will become softer and smoother after 1-2 use. If you have dry legs and cracked feet, it will help reduce dead flakes of skin.

Walking barefoot, extended exposure to dust and pollutants causes the feet to grow thick and rigid skin. In terms of nutrition, the feet are constantly in need of support. Use it twice or thrice a week in winter to avoid dryness.

Foot Sun Protection Cream (SPF 30 UV Protection)

Sunscreen plays a vital role to protect your skin.  Most people do not know that dryness can come if you are not wearing sunscreen properly all over your body. Moreover, sunscreen is not only for summer. It should be worn in any season in the presence of daylight.

The main advantage of Sanctus’ foot lotion is that it prevents tanning of the feet, which are mostly exposed to harsh sunlight. The foot skin’s discoloration and dryness can be avoided. It can also be used in the leg. Use it every day after taking bath. Within less than a week, you’ll start to feel and any see the change.

The person should consult a doctor for advice if the mentioned suggestions are ineffective or the dry skin begins to negatively impact daily living. The doctor will be able to evaluate the skin and suggest the best course of action.

In most cases, a doctor recommends therapies for skin problems like eczema. When a person has dry skin as a result of an underlying medical condition like diabetes or anorexia, doctors will work with them to treat the issue.


Dry skin is a very common health issue. Every person in his lifetime has experienced dryness and its cure is pretty simple. In this article, we have elaborately discussed dryness and how to deal with it. Do check out our products in the website.


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