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Hair Cream Mask – Why are Hair Mask so Important?
Hair SPA mask

Hair Cream Mask – Why are Hair Mask so Important?

Hair Mask is a relatively new concept and is still trying to find its feet. The mask is important for your hair for multiple reasons and making hair quality better with every application is the underlying assumption. The precedent of hair mask was Oil – which was mostly used to prevent dryness in the hair. The Oil has the potential to enhance the softness of the hair. Oil has traditionally been known as the Natural Conditioner for hair.

The overnight application of oil on the hair was found to have a strengthening and nourishing effect on hair. The oil application is still a common practice amongst grown-ups. However, the younger generation is a bit awkward with oil application. Keeping pace with time, the need was felt to provide the youngsters with the same kind of extreme quality supplement for hair yet in an easy to use and acceptable application.

A hair cream mask or the hair mask is the modern age answer to the conventional Oil application problems. It is important to understand that the Hair Mask is not a substitute for oil. Oil has its own advantages and the Hair mask have their separate advantages as well. The Hair Mask is a hair care product that helps to nourish the scalp and give huge protein deposits in the hair.

Hair Spa Cream Mask
Hair Spa Mask

The major difference between oil treatments and Hair masks is that the Oil is rich in oil kind of ingredients- for example; hair oil could be a blend of many other essential oils such as Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, and many other suitable combinations of different oils only.

Unlike the oils, the mask can be made out of a combination of many ingredients such as Papaya, Mud, Amalaki, Hibiscus, and many other potent ingredients. We can customize the mask as per the hair type by adding the problem-specific ingredients.

The Mask can be chosen based on the hair quality – Frizzy Hair, Oily Hair, or Dry Hair. The mask is able to protect the hair cuticles and also impart strength to the scalp to hold on to hair better.

What causes Hair Deterioration?

The hair on the head is just like plants- they derive their energy from the scalp. Similar to skin the hair also weakens with exposure to pollution, sun, dirt, and sweat. And to add to it, the hair may also be affected due to poor diet and low protein levels in the body. The hair strands are majorly made out of protein and the lack of it can tend to make hair frizzy and dull.

What are the ingredients of the Sanctus Hair Cream Mask?

The Sanctus Hair Cream Mask is a potent and extremely well-calculated combination of the high efficacy hair foods such as Amla, Kokum Butter, Moroccan Argan Oil, Red Onion Oil, Olive Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil to name a few. These ingredients independently are capable enough to make hair stronger and healthy – one can imagine the effectiveness of a product that is enriched with all of these products.

Why Sanctus Hair Cream Mask?

The Sanctus Hair Mask is a healthy combination of high-efficiency ingredients that are made to suit all kinds of hair. The ingredient combination is such that it is apt for all hair types and does no damage to the hair. The side-effect free hair mask is all that one could ask for in the current times of extreme chemical usage.

The Mask yields visible results even on first use; however, the hair quality continues to improve with every use. The mask deposits protein to hair with each use and repairs the bends developed in the hair strands over the period of time.

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