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Sanctus Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit – Pro
Underarm kit for men

Sanctus Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit – Pro

Sanctus realizes the practical aspects of taking Underarm Whitening Treatment and thus has launched an Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit-PRO. The Pro-Kit has an added step 3 – Underarm Dark spot Correction Mask. The mask is like a pack for underarms and is quick to dry. However, the time taken to dry is sufficient to enable the nutrients to penetrate deep into the cells and impart maximum brightening. The following are the steps ideally to be followed while using Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit-Pro:

Sanctus is a brand focused on the most basic yet most neglected needs of people. We at Sanctus believe that beauty is not just about obtaining a fair skin complexion – it is about achieving a better level of skin health. The skin looks as beautiful and radiant as nourished we keep it.

Underarm or the Armpits is one such neglected area that gets exposed to a lot of dust, sweat, and grimes the whole day. Since this is one such area that is less ventilated, thus the skin tends to develop a lot of dead cells. These dead cells deplete the skin further of any nutrition that we provide to it.

Steps        Products                  Benefits     How to Use
Step I Sanctus Underarm Exfoliator Removes dead skin layer. Enables better absorption of Underarm Whitening Cream Scrub your underarms with Sanctus Underarm Exfoliator every alternate day.
Step II Sanctus Underarm Whitening and Sweat Reduction Cream For Women/Underarm and Intimate Area Whitening Cream for Men Enriched with Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Mulberry, and Liquorice extracts along with goodness of Allantoin, this Sanctus Underarm Whitening Cream is a perfect whitening cream for Underarms and other intimate areas. Apply the Sanctus Underarm Whitening Cream twice every day- Morning and Evening. Ensure that the affected area is totally clean and dry.
Step III Sanctus Underarm Dark Spot Correction Mask for Men and Women Pack Seals the goodness of the ingredients into the pores and closes any open pores. Sanctus Underarm Mask brings the skin together and regains the elasticity of the skin along with lightening the skin. The pack is a combination of all vital skin lightening ingredients. Treat yourself to the goodness of this pack twice every week and see the visible changes in the skin tone.
Underarm Whitening treatment kit pro

The Underarm Darkness can be a huge disappointment for some and can lead to serious complexes. It is very important to understand the main cause of darkness and then work towards improving it. The Underarm cream alone cannot address each aspect of the Darkness causing factor.

Underarm Whitening Treatment kit

Main Factors Behind the dark-toned Underarms is :

  • Accumulation of Dirt
  • Sweat induced bacterial growth
  • Non-maintenance of hygiene
  • Melanin Deposits

The above reasons are the major reasons behind Armpit darkness. There can be many more factors and we will try and cover all the problem areas with the use of Sanctus Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit-Pro.

So, what’s new and Different in the Pro version of the Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit?

The Pro version has a new step added to the already existing Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit. The third step added after step 1(Underarm Exfoliator) and Step 2(Underarm whitening Cream) is the step where we apply an Underarm Whitening Mask. The Mask is important to seal the nutrients and enable a lasting effect. The pack when applied in a liberal quantity and allowed to rest until it is completely dry – provides an instant skin lightening effect. The use of the pack is of significance as we can seal the nutrition provided by the cream into the skin.

With such precision, Sanctus is addressing your inhibitions, your complexes. Sanctus Underarm Whitening and sweat reduction cream for women and Sanctus Underarm Whitening Cream for Men are the best whitening creams available in India. Make your skin healthy and do not focus on Whitening.

What gives us this confidence in our products?

  1. In the first step, we address the dead skin component of armpit darkness. The Underarm Exfoliator is a specially formulated scrub for Underarms. This is to be used once in every two days before applying the Underarm Whitening Cream. The exfoliator removes any dead skin cells and makes way for better absorption of the cream into the skin.
  2. The Second Step is where we massage the Underarm whitening cream into the skin. The Cream is a fantastic combination of all the major whitening agents such as Liquorice, Mulberry, Alpha-arbutin amongst many other small ingredients that make this cream work and yield lasting results.
  3. The Added Third step in the Pro range is the Underarm Dark spot Correction Mask. The Mask is a premium product that adds an extra finishing to the Underarm Treatment. The mask with its rich ingredients such as Argan Oil and Hibiscus and an added cooling effect is ideal for providing respite to the underarms.

All in all, Sanctus provides an all-encompassing solution to the dark spot problems of the underarms. Give yourself exposure to the healthier skin and beautiful you.


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