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Top Bestsellers on Nykaa
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Top Bestsellers on Nykaa

1. Sanctus Underarm and Whitening cream -50gm

Sanctus Underarm whitening cream is a potent combination of various fine extracts such as Liquorice, Arandi Oil, Kumkumadi and not to mention skin soothing agents such as Aloe Vera and Alpha Arbutin etc. These ingredients not only help create the
Desired lightening effect but it also helps to calm the irritated underarm skin. The skin irritants for the armpit skin are use of anti-perspirant such as Deodorants. In addition, the underarm hair removal process also causes skin to develop rashes. Grab your pack of Sanctus Underarm whitening cream to make your underarm skin better and smoother. The Nykaa Hot Pink Sale has the Sanctus products available at the best price. Use the below mentioned link to check out more.

2. Sanctus Underarm and Intimate Area Whitening cream for Men

Underarm Skin for Men is different for Men as compared to Women. The Underarm whitening cream helps to keep the armpit skin amongst men a shade lighter. The most awesome part of the Underarm Whitening cream for men is that it doubles up as the whitening cream for the intimate area of Men. The skin sensitivity of the underarms and the intimate areas amongst men is similar and hence the need for a different cream is gone. The armpit lightening cream helps to keep the armpits lighter in colour, skin looking better and in process also controls the bad odor from the sweat. For any man dealing with underarm problems – This Underarm cream is a total win-win. Nykaa Man and have the best discounts available on your favourite Sanctus Underarm Whitening cream for Men during the Nykaa Hot Pink Sale which is Live Now!

3. Sanctus Elbow & Knee whitening cream

Elbow and knee are the most exposed movable joints. These joints (In addition to knees) are the ones that experience most friction. The huge amount of friction makes the skin on the knees and elbow rough and dry. The skin develops cracks and gets deprived of the skin essential oils. The skin on the joints needs more nutrition and nourishment than a normal body moisturizer can provide. The elbow and knee whitening cream is filled with highly capable ingredients such as Sunflower oil, Beeswax, Kokum Butter, and Almond Oil. These ingredients together make the skin free from the cuts and rashes developed over time. The regular use keeps the skin hydrated and nourished. This eventually makes the skin smooth and feather soft.  

4. Sanctus Underarm Exfoliator

Underarm skin constantly deposits the dead skin cells. These dead skin cells could be because of a number of reasons – use of deodorants, shaving the underarms, use of hair removal creams and many more. The Sanctus Underarm Exfoliator helps to remove this dead skin and make the underarm clean. The scrubbing of underarm dead skin cells is also important from the aspect of absorption of underarm cream. The underarm cream will be getting wasted on the dead skin only if these cells are not exfoliated. Hence, for most people the underarm whitening creams do not yield proper results. It has been observed that just with regular use of underarm exfoliator – the armpit bad odor can be controlled considerably.

5. Sanctus Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit for Women

The Underarm whitening Treatment Kit for women comprises of the Sanctus underarm whitening & Sweat Reduction cream and Sanctus Underarm Exfoliator. The Underarm whitening cream not only induces the desired skin lightening effect but also reduces the amount of sweat being released from the armpits. The skin feels fresh for long and also gives you the much needed confidence. The underarm exfoliator helps to clear the armpit from the dead skin cells and keep the armpits fresh. The combined effect of the Underarm cream and exfoliator is fantastic and creates wonderful results in making the underarms better.

6. Sanctus Underarm and Intimate Area whitening Treatment Kit for Men

The Underarm and Intimate area whitening cream for men is the cream not only for the underarms but also the intimate areas of men. The Underarm and intimate skin for men is similar in nutrition needs. The Sanctus Underarm cream for men serves both the purposes just right. The Exfoliator adds to keeping the skin free from any irrelevant dead skin cells and also enhancing the absorption of underarm cream into the skin. The Intimate area skin also gets lighter toned and Men develop a different level of confidence. The use of these products sepearately also helps to better the quality of underarm and intimate skin – but using these products together helps to make the skin all the more better.


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