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Why Underarm Whitening is important
Underarm issues

Why Underarm Whitening is important

In an effort to reduce the daily miseries of the common man such as sweat, blackness in underarms, sweat induced bad odour, etc – SANCTUS came up with an underarm / Armpit lightening cream. This cream has an advanced sweat control formula that works wonders in summers and helps to control sweat and its related odour.

So, be it travelling in the Local train, Metro or working in close proximity of your colleagues – you will never be short of your confidence.

Underarm Whitening for Female

The cream with its close to natural ingredients regulates the production of good cells that make the skin look white. Also, it controls the Melanin deposition – the main component which makes the skin look black and also creates lots of dead cells. The following are a few reasons for Black Underarms :

  • Use of Deodrants
  • Wearing non-airy tight clothes
  • Not maintaining proper hygiene
  • Use of Razors to clean the armpit hair

These are major reasons and we should anyhow avoid using these under any circumstances. The cream is non-greasy and gets absorbed in no time. This makes the cream easy to be used around the year at any time of the day. No after stains and just a pleasant smell to counter the sweaty stink. Bonus, the cream helps you achieve Underarm Lightening round the year!

The main ingredients of this cream are Alpha Arbutin, Liquorice Extracts, Mulberry Extracts, Kojic Acid accompanied by Allantoin & Aluminium Chloride. In addition to the above-mentioned components, the cream is complete with the Berberis Aquifolium Root Extracts which is the most natural component for lightening and gradually removing dark spots and scars.

Underarm Whitening for Male

The best results are obtained if the proper hygiene is maintained in the underarms area and also the cream should be applied after properly drying out any moisture from the armpits. Use the cream for a minimum of 45 days to have best and long-lasting results. The cream gets absorbed totally and leaves no stains whatsoever. This is a perfect cream to be used even while just before leaving for work.

With added Sweat control properties and enhanced de-odorizing formula, the cream works exceedingly well in curbing any bad odour arising in the armpit area. Gently massage the cream for 2 minutes into the underarms and that’s all that is required to have a pleasant smelling and odour free underarms.

A major precaution to take while using this cream is to avoid using any antiperspirants/Roll-ons/Deodrants directly on the skin. These products clog the pores and the cream shall not penetrate deep into the skin. We have this covered and have added fragrances derived from essential oils in the cream that leave a very soothing effect and neutralize the bad odour.

Get Rid of your inhibitions

The cream that makes you want to go to the gym with confidence and raise your arm like you don’t care. With no more black armpits, treat yourself to a newer you.

Exfoliate your Arm Pits

Exfoliate the underarms before applying the cream. Scrubbing underarms removes dead cells and enables better penetration of the cream. This will speed up the process of Underarm Lightening.

Underarm whitening for Women

Both Men & Women face the problem of black and stinky armpits alike. Their skin is tough and needs a dedicated cream. Find your perfect cream now from Sanctus. Underarm Whitening and Sweat Reduction Cream for Women.

Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit for Men

  • Step 1: Exfoliate the armpits followed by the
  • Step 2: Massage the underarms into the armpits.

The result is the flawless fresh-smelling white Underarms

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Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

If you want lighten underarm then : Sanctus article is very useful and well
This helped me a lot with my skin
🙂 Be beautiful, you deserve!

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