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Secrets to Beautiful you – 3 months Skincare regime
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Secrets to Beautiful you – 3 months Skincare regime

Weddings are a flavor of the season. Someone we know or some people reading this might themselves be getting married.

A wedding brings with itself a lot of anxiety, excitement, and STRESS!! This stress if not tackled properly, can make your skin look haggard, dull, and sad.

Thus, it is important to start caring for your skin before the wedding preparations take over in full swing. Practice a simple – easy maintenance skincare regime that not only keeps your skin looking healthy and radiant but also adds that ooze of confidence to your persona.

We have tried to list main pointers to adhere to before their D-day – both for Men & Women :

Top Key points for Men for a Smooth & Suave-Perfect look for Men

skin care products
  1. Bearded Look- Just Don’t Overdo it
  2. Maintain your Flattened Abs
  3. Spot-free skin
  4. Raw scent of Freshness
  5. Up your Hair Game
  6. Maintain Your Intimate Hygiene

Bearded Men are more in demand, but an unkept beard is rather a turn-off. Keep your style subtle and yet make a point. For those wanting to grow a beard -start using a beard vitalizer to grow a beard just apt to flaunt. Well, a sculpted physique can take your style game a long way and so is clean spot-free skin. Start caring for your skin now in case you are prepping for a wedding in 3 months from now.

Another important aspect of your grooming is the odour aspects – you should be groomed inside-out. Smell fresh and hygienic at all times. Maintain proper hygiene particularly in your underarms area and perinneal region. Remove any Blackness or foul smell in your underarms or perinneal region as any of these is a big NO!

Also, we strongly recommend absolutely stop using any hair styling agents such as styling gels/wax/spray, etc These creams cause hair damage and lead to hair fall. Use minimal styling creams that are high in nutrition levels. Hair needs strength and nutrients. Also, take steps to control any Hair Fall.

Main Game-changers for Women

skin care products
  1. Prepare for a no-makeup look
  2. Prepare your hair for D-day atrocities
  3. Glam-up your skin
  4. Work to lighten the intimate skin

On D-day, every bride glows radiantly. The surprise comes the following day when makeup is gone and reality strikes. Prepare your skin for the day after, and not the day of the wedding. Work on your skin to make it look perfect. Daily Skin Repair Face washes and Skin Lightening Serums come in very handy in this.

The D-day demands you to look your best – Best hair, best make-up, best outfit. Being best at all at once requires a lot of chemical application on the Hair and face. And even though the chemicals are only going to be applied for a few hours, the damage it does is humongous. Start filling your hair with immense nutrition starting now, so that they can withstand the effect of strong hair sprays and come out of it strong.

with whatever hectic schedule you may be having, your skincare regime has to be meticulous. It may sometimes even require following a military-level strictness – but we strictly suggest that you follow it. Proper scrubbing. cleansing, toning, and most importantly Hydrating your skin will help you get that most natural & radiant glow. This by far is the best way to get your skin ready for the No-makeup look.

Towards the end, we would like to highlight the impact of Intimate Lightening Serum /Cream. These not only make the intimate skin soft & supple but also add an extra bit of confidence in flaunting your flawless body. Being confident in your own self makes one more acceptable and enjoy the experiences that the new life after marriage has to offer.

Work on yourself NOW to make each day count 3-months from now!


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